January 7, 2018

Rust-Oleum Championship Giving Back


The PGA TOUR recently announced that a record $180 million was raised for charity in 2017, elevating the TOUR’s all-time total to $2.65 billion. The Rust-Oleum Championship is proud to play a part in this number while contributing to local charities in our community. Below is an excerpt from one of our tournament’s beneficiaries, Partners for Progress, on how the tournament has played a big part in Emma’s life.


“Many of the riders at Partners For Progress come to the program through a parents desperate desire to change the quality of their childs’ life. Things that challenge their childs’ ability to walk, talk, sit up, eat, breathe effectively, or hold everyday tools like forks in their hands, affect these childrens’ quality of life. Events like the Web.com Tours’ Rust-Oleum Championship affect EVERY life that comes through the doors at Partners For Progress – both human and animal. Lives like Emma, and her family.

Emmas’ mom, Rebecca, states, ‘PFP has been a major contributor to some of Emmas’ biggest milestones to date. They have helped her develop the core strength and coordination she needed to learn to walk, and her posture is visibly improved after every session. The benefits have also gone far beyond the physical. Over the past 16 months since starting with PFP, Emmas’ confidence, and eagerness to take on new challenges, has skyrocketed!’…….quality of life changed.

Over 220 riders per week like Emma, challenged by Autism, ADHD/ADD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, terminal diagnoses, and more come to Partners For Progress for help in overcoming their challenges so that they can lead a more independent, full, and inclusive life. Over 175 volunteers from their communities, local schools, and the county Adult and Juvenile Court Systems come to Partners For Progress to help Emma, and her fellow riders, reach their dreams.

But it’s not just the riders and volunteers that are affected. The families of these riders and volunteers, as well as those in their schools, churches, grocery stores, libraries, and more are forever changed by the outcomes achieved by them at Partners For Progress. ALL of these lives are affeced by the giving of the Rust-Oleum Championship. Why? Because once Emmas’ quality of life is changed by gaining more skills, more independence, the lives that touch her are changed through her ease of living.

NONE of this could be possible without the partnerships created with events like the Rust-Oleum Championship. And, there are not enough “Thank You’s” that can be said to express the gratitude that is given for this gift. But we think that Emmas’ smile says it all.

Thank You.”


For more information on Partners for Progress and how to get involved, visit their website below:


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